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Here at Michelson Diagnostics we have developed the breakthrough VivoSight OCT Scanner that helps our customers make informed clinical decisions concerning patient diagnosis and treatment, especially for precancerous lesions and non-melanoma skin cancer.  VivoSight OCT  helps you diagnose more accurately than by eye alone, faster than by biopsy and with less trauma for the patient.

VivoSight OCT is now routinely used at leading clinics in Germany including the Onkoderm network of specialist skin cancer clinics, and is endorsed by leading clinicians such as Prof Reinhold at Bonn Medinisches Zentrum and Prof Julia Welzel at Augsburg Klinik. Talk to them to get their experience or attend one of our VivoSight  OCT training courses, and see for yourself!

VivoSight… more accurate than the eye, faster than a biopsy and less trauma for the patient…